Strata Cleaning Services

Residential & Office Strata Cleaning in Sydney

We offer commercial and residential strata cleaning services for all types of buildings. We cater for 20 through to 250 units or more and can handle any type of large buildings. We offer customised cleaning services that are tailored to fit your needs.

Our key objective is to ensure your building or property is well-maintained and looks clean at all times for occupants and visitors.

Contact us now to find out how cleaners at Lavender Cleaning can be your Sydney strata cleaning service. We also offer office cleaning in Sydney.

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Other Sydney Strata Cleaning Services

We service all facets of strata cleaning including:

  • Changing Light Bulbs.
  • Waste Management Services.
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Carpet Cleaning.
  • Pool Cleaning.
  • Grounds Maintenance.
  • High Pressure Water Cleaning.
  • Emergency Service – 2 hour turnaround.

  • Carpark Cleaning.

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Good supervision on a regular basis is the key to great strata cleaning. The supervisor can identify any problems and quickly fix them before they become an issue. This is achieved by:

  • Daily – Communication Notepad.
  • Weekly – Cleaning Reports & Building Updates. Reporting via iAuditor.
  • Rapid Supervisor Response – 2 –hour turnaround.

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Work Health & Safety (WHS)

Lavender Cleaning is committed to maintaining the highest level of health and safety throughout the organisation. We get our Work Health and Safety (WHS) Management Systems certified every year for your strata cleaning.

We believe that all injuries and industry related illnesses are preventable and we constantly strive to minimise such occurrences. Contact Lavender Cleaning for residential strata cleaning services.

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