Statement of Environmental Committment

At Lavender we take the responsibility of reducing our impact on the environment very seriously. It is essential to our core business to maintain health and hygiene standards and protect our shared future.


The adoption of environmentally sustainable cleaning practices is a natural progression from our long-standing commitment to quality assurance, health and safety from strata cleaning to CBD cleaning Sydney.

Environmental sustainability has been adopted as a key principle across our entire operation, from procurement and training through to service delivery. It’s commonly called ‘green cleaning’.

Green Clean Program

The guiding principles of the Lavender Green Clean Program and how these benefit our clients are described below.

Chemical Minimisation

Lavender has long been recognised for our commitment to meeting and exceeding our Work Safe obligations for chemical safety. We have introduced products designed to eliminate chemical exposure and over usage.

Product Accoutability

Lavender provides our clients and our own cleaners with the assurance that our materials are free of chemicals of concern. Stringent sustainability guidelines are being extended across all aspects of our supply chain, from consumables to equipment, to reduce our whole environmental and carbon footprint.

Low Harm But High Hygeine

At Lavender, our aim is to provide our clients with hygienically clean buildings. This is a vitally important, but unfortunately an all too often forgotten aspect of green cleaning. We use quality microfibre cloths and chemical-free cleaning where possible.

A high standard of cleanliness, hygiene and cross-contamination prevention are ensured through the provision of staff training and implementing best practices such as colour-coding and cloth replacement quotas.

Waste Reduction

Waste places a significant burden on the environment, through the impact of collection, disposal and replacement. Effective waste management strategies fall under two categories; waste minimisation and recycling. Our chemical dispensing system has significantly reduced our own packaging waste burden and for our clients, as do all our reusable tools and durable equipment.

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